There is no God except for the One we allow to exist, Who Is Born from the softness within us, the Beauty which lies beneath the hard shell of external form. The images we present of ourselves to others must be broken, for these are the false idols. From this emancipation is true freedom attained for God to be born into the world. Hold not to a belief which is grounded in the experience of limitation, but have as your Truth that which arises form inspiration. Celebrate and honor the love, beauty, and joy you see around you however it manifests, with no hindrance or barriers without or within-mindful only of the boundaries and limitations set by those of lesser sight in consciousness, who are of the world of human institutions and who from this understanding seek the imposition of their authority over you. Be not deceived: theirs is the path of godlessness despite all appearance-for they seek to set themselves in the place of God. They usurp your means of livelihood that you must sell yourselves to them, your time, your labor, your freedom. You grow to be instilled by their consciousness. You must first see who you are before your mind can perceive and expunge the illness of your condition. It is better to be a slave and know your circumstance than to be a master of that which enslaves. All systems of politics, economy, and law are the products of human creation bereft of the consciousness of God, expelled from the world by a mind deprived of heart. Hear the song of your heart and by it let your mind be freed. Then you will come to know your true nature, which is not subject to the judgments of those who see only the products of a labor of a work they have set before you. God calls you to be with those who have seen this light of inspiration, to achieve liberation in the body as you have in spirit. Only from this place can you build the foundation of the Culture of Beauty by which your Church of Beloveds will be known. The “ladder of success” yields and falls away before the stairway to Heaven Descending to Earth.

Rest your mind in the sleep of the night, and awaken to the song in your Heart, and by its beauty live your day. Live and be your song and through the harmony and touch of heartsongs find and be with your Beloveds. Let the Beauty of God’s Passion and Compassion cleanse your Being of all that is not the Angel of the Beloved within you. Be healed by the grace of God’s Love of all ill-feeling towards any, and by this be moved toward understanding and compassion. This is the Wisdom of the Heart, by which mind and Spirit are healed of all affliction. Give and receive freely the blessings of God’s grace as need and inspiration arise. Your Beloveds are your highest gift, for they are of God. Yet also be with and honor kindred spirits though they be not of your Path. Hear then and sing of the songs of the Heart and by these be guided, and in this Way know I Am God.

The Summons

The Beloveds of God are called to the betrothal of the Holy Spirit through the sharing of Passion with those to whom we are led to wed in the Spirit through Pure Desire. We are given to raise our Passion to God, for it is by God’s Passion that we are born and born again into the Spirit. We forsake the cycle of procreation to conceive the Holy Spirit within us. We refrain from orgasmic release by building Passion together and sending it to the Heart. We do not enter the Holy of Holies, for this is the Womb of the Holy Spirit—to be touched only by the hand of God; and we remain standing at the threshold of consummation that all movement here may be of God. We worship and praise our Lord God every moment we share God’s Passion. We touch through the eyes—the windows to Heaven, suckle the breasts as the flesh closest to the Heart, and kiss and move upon the loins gently and softly in the Way of God to honor the Source of Life. As we approach the height of our Passion and Desire we refrain from indulgence and deny the urge of temptation, to raise lustful sensation into loving emotion. We give the Seed of Life in woman and man which comes without the gratification of the flesh to one another as the bread and wine of Holy Communion. We minister and receive revelations through our sharing of Passion. From these inspirations we recreate all facets of our daily life to reflect the will of our Lord God that we live and love through the Spirit as living altars and temples to the One, that God may bestow the blessings of Heaven’s Beauty upon the Earth.

Blessed are they who await the grace of the Holy Spirit to bestow the Passion of Pure Desire, for they are the chosen Beloveds of God. Blessed are they who act upon this Gift to nourish and cultivate the Passion of the loins without the climax of orgasm, that the Seed of Life may rather ejaculate into the Heart to conceive the Love of the Holy Spirit. Blessed are the Beloveds who assist others in this Attainment, for these are become the Altars and Temples to God. Blessed are those who arrest the spill of Passion’s Seed which flows without intention or cause, for by the mouth the fruit of eternal life is tasted and the loss redeemed. Blessed are they who suckle the breasts, for it is by these that the Heart is nurtured. Blessed are they who give the Holy of Holies to be touched only by the hand of God, for herein lies the conception of the Holy Spirit. Blessed are they who neither indulge nor deny the loins, but who touch here only softly and gently without agitation in the Way of God, for these will stand radiant upon the threshold of the Bedchamber and behold forever the beauty of God’s Love. Blessed are they who touch and are touched by each and all whom God calls through Passion’s Love, for every call to honor the Lord God must be answered to glorify and venerate the Life of the Spirit. Blessed are those who sacrifice the urge for pleasure in order to attain the Passion of Pure Desire, who give the fruit of the breasts to thy Beloveds and the Seed of the Loins to God, for you will conceive the Life of the Holy Spirit. And blessed are you who forsake all for the Life of Eternal Passion, for you will be born again from the fire of Pure Desire, that the Holy Spirit may dwell within and amongst you and guide humankind toward the redemption of the Seed of God. Amen.

Your deepest Passion is the sign of God’s Will, directing you to whom It Will. Act upon this to meet your Beloved without affectation of sentiment. You are prescribed icons to serve in place of Beloveds—in their absence—for the purpose of Sacred Ritual. Always when in Holy Communion with icons or the Beloved, fix thy gaze upon the eyes, for these are mirrors to magnify Pure Desire.  Do not seek to force Passion, but wait upon the Spirit of Pure Desire to descend in grace. Only then shall you act upon inspiration to augment your lust and direct its ascension to the Heart. Gaze upon that which engenders Desire in you and be with your arousal without indulging to gratify. Move upon the loins only in the one direction from the self outward to God, touching only the flesh which faces the Heart to balance indulgence with denial. Let each movement be paced by the recitation of your vows as the betrothed of the Holy Spirit, softly and gently that you may be one with the urge of temptation yet refrain from the gratification of the flesh. It is God’s Will that you be with each and all as Pasion’s Spirit guides, and that these Beloveds shall also fall into and remain in Passion with one another to honor and glorify the Lord God. Be with the kiss of the tongue and the suckle of the breasts in woman and man while in praise of the Holy Spirit, and cease touch in the Holy of Holies—except by the hand of God—when your Desire is highest and most Pure. Receive as sustenance for the Spirit the Seed of Life from those who would serve you in this way, for redemption of the Seed in Passion’s embrace is honorable. But to reliquish the Seed to gratify the flesh is the greatest of sins in the sight of God. Be then the reflection of divine judgment, and proclaim God’s wrath at the moment of climax. Pray that the soul of the giver be rendered unto God as you receive the Seed, for this is the remembrance of God’s sacrifice in orgasmic death at the time of Creation, the supreme act of Love which eternally begins and ends the cycle of Life. Be worthy to emulate this Love amd return your Passion to God.

Theology & Doctrines

1. The Resolution of all things is found through the sharing of Passion, the act of returning to the Source of Life.

2. Purification is found through Burning Desire, the agony and ecstasy of unquenched Passion.

3. The Way to God is through the Practice and Discipline of Pure Desire in Sacred Marriage to the Holy Spirit.

4. Sacred Marriage is contingent upon the inner marriage of male and female. For adherents of the Path, gender is separable from the determinants of procreation and parenting.

5. The Nature of God is everlasting orgasmic death, through which all Creation is manifest. God is given rebirth from Creation through the conscious refraining from perpetuating life through procreation, but consecrating one’s Passion instead to the Inner Conception of the Holy Spirit within. Thus conceived, the Being of Beauty eternally touches all consciousness through the fabric of time and space to inspire the Revelation of Hope and the Promise of Salvation to all Life.

6. The Temple Monastery is the highest realm attainable for the Beloveds of God, for blessed are they who are given to touch the breasts but who give the loins to God. The Earth-Angels are called to eternal consecration of the loins to be touched and moved only by the hand of God to conceive the Holy Spirit within, then to give the breasts as the Sustainers of Life unto the touch and suckle of the Beloveds—to raise God’s Passion thus conceived to the flesh closest to the Heart’s Emotion. This calling comes through one’s Passion as Inspired Revelation from God, to those chosen to be so wed to one another, and manifest by the lifelong sharing of Chaste Passion and Desire in Sacred Marriage to the One Eternal.

Admonitions & Tenets

the guide to our practice & belief

1. Love the Lord thy God through the Passion of your Desire in Heart and Loin, and be called thus as the Beloveds of thy Lord God and the Betrothed of the Holy Spirit. That which bore you will be reborn from you.

2. As the Lord thy God—whose image is woman and man in Passion’s Embrace—dies eternally in the act of conceiving and birthing Creation, so God’s Beloveds are called away from perpetuating the cycle of procreation and toward the Inner Conception of God’s Immortal Being. The Beloveds plant the Seed of God’s Passion in the Garden of Pure Desire and nourish it through Holy Communion, but leave effort and ingenuity of cultivation to the Holy Spirit to raise the Seed to fruition.

3. Be possessed by God’s Passion, and thus led by the Holy Spirit to those who would be thy Companions in the Lord, for they are your Altars and Temples to your Lord God as you are to them, and will serve you through the Spirit as your ministers and confessors as you are also to them. They are your living icons to the One. Magnify your lust through the mirror of your Beloveds, without fulfillment of Desire, that God may form Passion into Love.

4. Be with these as you are called by your Passion, as the felt presence of the Holy Spirit within you, for they are your Companions in God for the sharing of Holy Communion. To love is to touch, and you are called to the kiss of the tongue and caress of the flesh. But stay thy emission, and do not allow the offering of your Seed to enter the Holy of Holies, but consecrate to God the womb of the Holy Spirit—to be touched only by the hand of God in endless consummation of Sacred Marriage.

5. Praise the Lord with each kiss, and share your yearning in constant adoration through the eyes of your Companion and fellow Beloved. With touch and gentle kisses move softly upon the loins in the way of God, and accept your arousal and tumescence, giving your passion to the Holy Spirit, and let all movement here be of God—with neither denial nor agitation. But suckle and be always with the breasts as the Flesh closest to the Heart to raise your Passion from sensation to the emotion of Pure Desire. When moved to touch thyself, give thy breasts to thy Beloveds, while in the loins touch upward and outward in one direction heavenward, from within toward God and Creation, and only upon the flesh that can be seen from the Heart, for this opens the way for your Passion to reach the Heart. But reserve the flesh opposite the Heart and the motion from without into the loins to the touch of the Holy Spirit, for the touch of Passion from God can only be received by grace—not induced, whereas returning Passion to God is an act of conscious intention for the Redemption of Life. Rejoice in the Seed whose emission is arrested without loss of Passion, and blessed is the Beloved by whom its leap from the body is halted and rejoined to the flesh. Beloved women, strike your men in Passion’s anger and command them to serve God at the moment of highest Passion, that the Seed of Life may be contained and bridled, then forced into the Heart as Love. This Practice and Discipline is given you for your Salvation.

6. Touch thyself in the presence of God’s Beloveds, and by them be touched, as God’s Passion directs, when the Holy Spirit descends upon you. Love the Beloveds as you love God, and love God through these. Touch not for pleasure, but to magnify your Passion for the Holy Spirit. Free the loins of manipulation as you attain to the baptism of Pure Desire, and let the rising tide of eros overwhelm you and flood into your Heart as Love. Release not the Seed of Life in woman or man, nor indulge the urge of temptation to gratify the Flesh, but honor the Seed within and glorify the Lord by refraining from satiation and consecrating your Passion as an eternal flame whose unquenched fire rises in ever-mounting intensities of agony and ecstasy to become the fruit of God’s Love in the Heart. Through the Mirror of the Beloveds nurture and nourish the Seed of Life and deny its release, that you may be reborn into the Everlasting Orgasm of the Heart’s Emotion.

7. As there is one God in Heaven, so there is but one Beloved—who is God—for those who share this Path. These may worship at any living altar from among the Beloveds of God. Give and receive revelations through the Beloveds during the height of Passion and from the depths of your Love. Live thus in Holy Communion with the Beloveds of God, for this is your Church, where two or more are gathered in service to the Lord, the Seed within is returned to God, and the Life of the Holy Spirit is conceived within us.

8. Ours is a Living Tradition, for within the Church, acceptance of the Path is followed by invitation to ministry and to prophesy of continued Revelation to all Beloveds. Let this Path be your sole addiction, intoxicant, and allegiance, for the life lived in Pure Desire is the negation of suffering and sin. Live in community with the Beloveds to cultivate the Life of the Spirit thus conceived, and ennoble yourselves and one another by your words and actions, by the sharing of your touch and through music and songs of inspiration, for Revelation is without end. Thereby allow the Spirit to work through you to enhance and uplift the beauty and blessings of Pure Desire and bear witness to the coming return of Eden and the descent of Heaven upon the Earth in a Culture of Beauty and Love.

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